the fog is back

the fog is back

we sweltered for a couple of days last week, but the fog rolled back in during the dyke march on saturday night. this morning, san francisco remains comforted by its white blanket, soothing what surely remains of the weekend’s pride hangover.

there was a lot to celebrate, with the texas ruling. however, it sets the stage for plenty of people to be even meaner. gays, the “gay lifestyle”, and the “homosexual agenda” are set to grow into a large topic for the 2004 election. good.

leanne and i, since we’re both good project managers, were trying to figure out what the “gay agenda” would actually consist of.

  1. introductions: 20 years
  2. issues: 30 years
    1. deaths
    2. discrimination
    3. violence
  3. living with dignity: 3 years
    1. ‘domestic partnership’
    2. religion by choice
    3. battling antiquated law (supreme court)
  4. action items: indefinite
    1. run away to canada

…or something like that. it definitely needs work (as does the html for the nested ordered lists above).

oh and ps: an apology to the six of the nine justices of the supreme court (souter and the rest, you know who you are) (who are most certainly reading this as we speak!) for implying below that there would be a cowardly delay. you were most certainly not acting cowardly, after all, last week.

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