Goodbye Blogger?

I was one of the original Blogger bloggers.  My Blogger blog is so old that it doesn’t even work properly anymore and some huge long list of complicated post-Google things still has to be done to convert it — especially the archive links.  But I do have one of those nifty Google / Blogger sweatshirts to show for the fact that I “bought” a Blogger blog way back when it cost money – and glad I was. Ev – did you singlehandedly light the fuse of Web 2.0?

At any rate — I feel a little duplicitous to be kicking around in WordPress now.  Until merging/purging/converting/whatever, so be it. I doubt it’s really goodbye Blogger, for now.


post from email

post from email

i just upgraded to blogger pro. already lost a post, and saw some
text errors in the blog post field. also looks like my browser is
crashing at the moment. but hey! we were warned after all this is
beta… and the big thing is it seems to resolve the ‘broken pipe’
publishing error – guessing because paying customers have better access
to ftp … and… and, i’m sending this via email!