On this page I’ve collected a selection of my technical and non-technical content including written words, video, and audio.


As API technical writer, senior technical writer, senior product manager, and global social media manager, I have created a significant amount of different kinds of written technical content. The selection below provides a feel for a range of my writing.

Content, Date, My Role Notes
BI Java SDK Javadocs

BI Java SDK documentation set entrypoint


Java API tech writer, author, editor

Javadoc and documentation set
Authored Javadoc doc comments inside source code directly and worked with the engineers to create well formed documentation for every field, method, package, and overview document. Full set includes hyperlinked diagrams, model-generated documentation, sample code, and comprehensive developer’s guide.

The build engineer said “the documentation is the best part of our release.”

SAP Visual Composer documentation


Author, editor

Full set of guides
I created and designed many sections of this comprehensive set of guides together with one lead and one other resource.

In particular, the BI menu items were my domain and I was sole author of both its procedural and reference documentation topics.

SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things documentation


Documentation lead, senior tech writer, information architect, knowledge manager

Full guide
I created the first version of SAP’s Internet of Things service documentation, managing one other resource and a translation team. The initial release was shipped directly to customers and is not available online. I then ported the public portions of the documentation to our DITA system, authoring using the Oxygen XML editor. This is the evolved version currently available online. Much of this is still my original work (in-tact example).
Gamification Service Tutorial #1

Gamification Service Tutorial #2

Gamification Service Tutorial #3


Co-author, editor, intern mentor

Selected tutorials
As gamification product manager for SAP Cloud Platform, I wrote this series together with the chief product owner and an engineering student who extended the service for the third tutorial.
SAP Community Network content


Independent author, editor, team lead

Blogger of independent content

Creator, editor, community manager for SAP Cloud Platform’s community homepage

Wiki space admin and editor for product’s public wiki

SAP Cloud Platform on Twitter


Independent author, editorial lead, team lead

Global social media lead
I authored short- and long-form social and community content as global social lead for SAP Cloud Platform. We took a novel, developer-forward approach to social media, preferring direct authentic engagement over straight marketing. During this time, on Twitter, I composed up to 90% of the content directly and provided editorial guidance overall. I also led workshops and helped authors who wanted to become community managers for their content domains.


Video communication became an important specialty for me as I was transitioning from strict technical writing to product management in the SAP Innovation Center.

Content, Date, My Role Notes
Media Share — Internal video sharing platform


Product lead

I managed a team that created and introduced internal video sharing as a platform at SAP. I also supported and helped drive the use of video by authors in their documentation.
It Gets Better: SAP Employees


Project lead

I led the project to create and release SAP’s contribution to the anti-bullying It Gets Better film project, which galvanized pride at SAP internally and externally and served as a bellwether for employee networks of all kinds at SAP.
Be Yourself. Everyone Wins.


Profile subject

I was the subject of several feature videos, mostly because of my role as long-time lead of Pride@SAP, SAP’s LGBTQ employee network. “Be Yourself. Everyone Wins.” was one in a series profiling technologists at SAP.
Demos for Lesbians Who Tech Summit 2019



I created several Instagram-ready videos to promote our tech demos, including:


War er ein Tier, da er Muzik verstand? – Gregor Samsa, via Franz Kafka

When I was quite little, almost before words, my Uncle Stanley gave me a transistor radio. For years I took that small metal device to bed with me every night, turning the dial on the AM radio until I found a song I liked, and holding the tiny staticky speaker against my ear in the dark while music that seemed to come from far away rocked me to sleep.

Music and audio in general have always been important channels of communication for me. I’ve read music and played instruments from piano to drums to guitar to a tourist balalaika in the back of a Russian taxi — none of them expertly — and I managed QA for audio products back when there was a thing called Multimedia Gulch. Once upon a time, I nearly managed a few indie bands in San Francisco. I appreciate the communication of sound.

In 2012, for the “It Gets Better: SAP Employees” film, filmmaker Adam McChane and singer-songwriter Pamela Martin teamed up to create the film’s theme song, and we made it available for free:

I love drawing together a wide variety of music, and I have a number of playlists on various channels including Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, and the erstwhile Pandora, Blip, and Rhapsody.

At SAP, for several years I managed and hosted our technology platform’s podcast channel. One of the last episodes I hosted was Episode 49.

In addition, I have digitized a lot of archival reel-to-reel footage of Irish relations, Famous Food on the Moon, and more…