The adorable boys who melted everyone’s hearts yesterday at City Hall

San Francisco became the city of love again yesterday when the 9th Circuit lifted its stay on same-sex marriage. Weddings began almost immediately at SF City Hall and continued into the evening.

These adorable boys were handing flowers to every newlywed couple they saw.

Because love is love. So simple even adults know it when they see it.

The value of flowers


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Here’s a shout-out to my mom, Norma Watson, and our friend, Christine Curtis, who were not about to let us get legally wed without the proper adornment of flowers (amongst many many other things).

Since we chose to get married in the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden (HIGHLY recommended — it was gorgeous, even without springtime tulips – full of color!), we do appreciate the beauty of flowers, but we were not arranging for any other flowers at the ceremony ourselves. We ONLY had a half-a-year to plan this, after all!

Norma and Christine to the rescue. Christine hand-made us beautiful bouquets. In consultation with my mom and the florist, she chose colors that would both compliment us and would coordinate with the rest of the scene. And Norma my mom worked with the florist and delivered these gorgeous arrangements that framed our “altar,” as well as table settings that were a beautiful fall theme (I loved the pears in the arrangements). It was all so very lovely, and really helped to make the celebration a success. Many many thanks.

Additional floral-related thanks goes to Emily, who took this picture, and to Becky, who made our original bouquets back on that beautiful Valentine’s day in 2004.

I love my parents and our family and our friends. As my mom said a few weeks ago: “I don’t see why anyone on the planet would want to deny you a marriage.”