to otsu, not to otzu. i needed to correct my template because i had spelled otsu wrong, which gives me a chance to say that if you follow it at the links section to the right, you’ll find a place i’ve been visiting with semi-regularity lately. i have my special v shoes and have gone on an additional rampage for non-leather cowboy boots again, this time in their direction. now before anyone thinks i’m morally complete or particularly vegan, you will want to stop. there’s nothing like leather for those ol’ shit-kicking cowboy boots; or is there?

even if i were morally incomplete, should that keep me from moralizing? too bad about the supreme court yesterday. perhaps the affirmative action thing was enough drama for one day, but i learned a thing or two from THIS obedience on saturday. if you want to take wind from sails, deflate a movement for positive change, and continue to send messages of intolerance, you postpone a decision. perhaps there will be a different story later in the week…

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