notre dame

there he is, big orion, coming up over there in the dark of the east again.

here i am, once again, wide awake. some cycles keep repeating; home come some do, some don’t? some people aren’t here. some new people are?

i dreamt i met jane goodall. we were eating senegalese food in the mission and she was at a table nearby. the man gave us a whole cardamom pod in a red sauce for an appetizer, and she wanted to know what it was. gladly, i told her – she thought it was fabulous – and i heard my voice stuttering saying “mrs — doctor — uh ms goodall i am a big fan and i love what you do and (tears then coming to my eyes) you bring hope to this world and the most important thing…” suddenly we were walking through paris together beside the notre dame and i asked if she sought out the big churches while traveling and she laughed and said no– it was odd to see her next to the notre dame– and i said how coincidental, since i just accidentally came upon the notre dame while walking through paris with leanne.

sheila called out of the blue last night and we talked for awhile about the year. i got myself invited over to dinner, which will be, oh, about in twelve hours or so. i want to go back to sleep. but i have this taste of tamarind pod or i thought it was cardamom pod in my mouth.

last wednesday’s dream

last wednesday’s dream
last wednesday or probably early thursday morning, i awoke to hear a bird singing in the dark outside our window.
i had had a dream involving blake and ted’s old apartment on guerrero. thursday morning when i walked by that apartment in reality, there was only one door where there once were two but otherwise it was nothing like it was in my dream.
the building had been turned into an internet startup, and i helped myself on in to have a lookaround. i don’t remember the name of the company. probably ‘bigstep’ for all i know. they had put stairs inside where the kitchen was. there was red shag carpet. on the first floor, people were making espresso beverage (tshluuuuiiiiiirrrwwwwwrrrrhhhh) (sound of milk steaming). i just walked on up to the fourth floor (?) and people were making espresso beverages up there too (again with the tshluuuuiiiiiirrrwwwwwrrrrhhhh). then, at the front of the building on the fourth floor, there was a landing port and people were waiting for the shuttle to come to take them to this other planet, a recreational planet, where there were only 2% ratio of people to land (that was important). now, this planet, though certainly in outer space, still managed to be part of the chain of hawaiian islands – unfortunately i forget the name of the planet, though i saw it in my dream. started with an “o”, i think.
so, putting hesitation about flight aside, i got on a shuttle (which of course was really just a big elevator) and went to the planet. on the planet, i played soccer with people i didn’t know but it was very difficult because you were supposed to kick three balls at once, and that was awkward and i was not as proficient as i wanted to seem. then there was the gravity thing.
so then everyone came back and went to mitchell’s for ice cream – and i was glad nobody commented on my playing.
normally, i’m really noise-sensitive when i’m trying to sleep, but it was really lovely to hear that bird singing in the dark. i let it sing me back to sleep …