“hey, nice pelvis!”

“hey, nice pelvis!”

it’s time to bring some female reproductive parts back into this weblog, since that’s what’s advertised. i hope searchers don’t arrive disappointed and mumbling about ‘truth in advertising’, and that the links on the right do prove useful to people searching for info about calcifications, mammograms, and breast surgery (which site stats show people arrive so doing). hopefully, the search engine helps a bit too.

currently, i’m beaming about my pelvis. my pelvis feels strong and complimented. i got to see the lovely dr madelyn kahn for my annual scrape today, and though my breast may not be healing as nicely as hoped, my pelvis, said she while palpitating, is in fine shape! she told me i should pass it down.

on the other hand, she was able to verify that my medial breast incision had, in fact, keloided — hmm, is that the proper tense? i suppose there is no verb form, but the idea should come across. to those regular visitors who search for weekly breast updates who have been disappointed since the promising start: that’s pretty much why. it doesn’t really look any different from the last picture i posted months ago. i gather that is because it is ‘a keloid’, and that i now know that i have ‘a tendency to keloid’. i’m not sure what, if anything, it has to do with the irritation caused by my internal sutures, but she said dr grissom would be able to fix it. that’s the next in my spate of maintenance visits: dr grissom, july 15. summer of doctorly-love.

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