voicemail from dr grissom

voicemail from dr grissom

my biopsy is in exactly a week, and i called and left several questions for dr grissom today on her voicemail. she called just a little bit later with all the answers i asked for — it’s all on voicemail:

  • i gave you the DCIS chapter because you never know -- there's that 10% chance that it could be, and i always think it's good to be prepared, and then it won't happen!
  • the calcifications very rarely disappear -- i've never seen them disappear actually, although it's talked about in literature
  • biopsy should not affect your mammogram in the future. sometimes you'll have a little scar tissue for awhile, but it goes away, and they can pretty well see everything again
  • you don't really need to prepare your skin
  • sports bra is pretty good, but get one that's a little loose. if possible, something that fastens in the front is easier, and just gives you a little support
  • i don't know exactly where there going to put the needles until they get there and they get it in, so i don't know where i'll put the incision exactly until we get there
  • i will call you with the results and you can tell me on the day of surgery how to get a hold of you. usually you get them in two working days, so if you're having it on friday, usually you get it on the tuesday afterwards; although pathology has been very slow -- i've had some results not come out till friday this week
  • on the day of biopsy, you're there for about four hours and you're sitting around probably for about three, so bring a book - both of you!

(yes, i left off the question about the sushi and the tissue bank – and the cancer and the breastfeeding, feeling both a little premature!).

then, dr. grissom said she’d talk to me next week and if there was any problem or more questions till then just to let her know. it’s really great to have such a responsive surgeon. leaving that list of messages on her voicemail i felt a bit silly and sheepish, but her message, which addressed all the questions, made me feel not foolish at all. that’s awesome.

i saw a little note by leanne’s side of the bed this morning to get little bendy straws for me — “so that i can get my liquids”! it’s a little odd to be expected to be an invalid!

it’s been the most decorated valentine’s day i can remember. we received valentines from everyone from my parents to delancy street movers! die familie enders sent along a lovey hand-made valentine. and leanne– leanne got me the spicy dark chocolates i craved from donnelly in santa cruz. in fact, she requested them from richard directly! jane siberry wrote with global wishes of healing and light; then there was the 50th anniversary gala for del and phyllis last night – a sweet movie and a drink afterwards with sylvia and karin. all-in-all, a great week, even if leanne and eve were looking at me as if i’m about to be devastated. i feel we’re in great hands; the world itself should be so lucky — but is left this week to rely upon duct tape and plastic.

leanne just walked in with a package decorated in glitter that says: “healing beauty for moya’s left breast”!!!

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