package from mom

package from mom

a package arrived from mom yesterday with several lovely items enclosed. i now
have two separate pieces of amber to ensure a healing experience. from the
amber show in new york, mom got me a pendant that is clear amber on one
side, and white amber – it’s opaque, and i don’t really know why it’s white
but it’s pretty neat – on the other. jan included an amber rock that is
made of that same white substance. whoops; i should say “a piece of amber
vegetable”, now that i know amber is not a rock but a vegetable (well, sap
from a tree). i’ll be able to wear the pendant after the surgery; the
‘rock’ i can take with me in my pocket! just to keep me guessing, there was
also a real rock – actually made of soap – also included. pretty neat
healing package… i hadn’t realized that amber had healing properties.

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