white amber and bras

white amber and bras

janice wrote more about the white amber piece i get to carry in my pocket to surgery:

it is believed to have more medicinal powers than the clear types and 
also to have more magical properties.  I tell people that the reason I am 
so healthy is that I am around so much amber so much of the time!  
Anyway, it is believed in "amberland" to have great healing powers 
and the people of the Baltic use it in various ways (I even have some 
lotion), mix it with tea to drink, burn it as incense, etc.  Have heard 
some even more far-fetched uses.  (remind me to tell you sometime).

pretty interesting. yesterday, leanne and i got me fixed up with some sports bras from the sports basement, which should be less painful on the cuts in my breast after surgery. now… the reason i haven’t been fixed up already with sports bras is not so much that i don’t jog, although i don’t, but because i’ve never found one to contain me. we found a couple xl’s (maddeningly scarce), and they seem to work ok, didn’t need to choke me while wrestling over my head and shoulders, and don’t feel like rubber bands around my body. the lovely glitter-adorned package on friday night contained a special lacy bra from the lovely alla prima… just to make me feel better! now that one is a good fit, of course. it would seem like my biopsy is single-handedly saving the local economy.

in my dreams last night, it was a very hot day and i was fixing to climb up a mountain. i was trying to figure out what shoes and shirt to wear. i was having trouble tieing my shoelaces. it was so hot, i hoped i had enough water. but i remember the feeling of how good it was going to be to hike up that mountain.

it’s a bright sunny day in the city today after hard rain on the chinese new year’s parade last night. it looks like a good day for marching.

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