my heroes

yesterday i started with a ‘poor me’. leanne was sick; mom was bothered by travelling to our party. leanne had fought with bryce; religion had divided again; for god’s sake, shouldn’t it just be my birthday?
by the end of the day however i felt more blessed than i can remember. leanne pulled through and didn’t stop though she was sick. she unveiled a spectacular flourless chocolate cake; it was devoured. ellen and kit and ian came; they brought a flourless almond cake that was moister than any almond substance i’d ever had. spike drew kit’s blood. spike drew someone else’s blood too. the tripled-recipe of redlentil soup was devoured. mom and dad stayed awhile despite being exhausted and the threatening storm. marlena came and brought lots of stinky cheese (along with alan, and her daughter leah and john) and everyone ate it rapidly! uncle jim left a happy birthday message. richard called. robert sent email.
conversations with jim and jerene and michael and marcy around the coffee table had to do with homelessness and social injustice. leanne and gerald and craig and shu and jared and marc up at the counter countered with gender dysphobia. jane and jim had to leave after a short time due to allergy attacks. amanda and ellen and david brought a book on farralon, beautful food porn. blake brought her newest beau john. i embarrassingly said that i wasn’t as old as eve was when asked. but abbe had made such a fabulous fortieth bash at the seabowl that i felt 40 was more of an honor.
ann and young and jacob, the wonderful harvii.
brooke and a new girlfriend; and whiskey and wine.
john brown and my dad talked about emergency medical services. john is known as ‘poxmaster’ brown.
andy andy andy. andy brought candy from canada.
silly david. i have not yet applied the stick-on nails.
i remembered the other day about how when we were in provence and it was a week away from flying back i dreamt about terrorists on the plane. i remember that i thought it was freaky when i remembered it. however, it is also clear that it would not have been unusual for me to dream about planes and terror. nonetheless, i hope everyone rests in peace, alive or departed or dead, and that everyone at least once gets to feel as special, and have as special friends, who are all heroes, as i did yesterday.

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