i put many of the leftovers and leftover ingredients together to make an uber-leftover meal tonight and i think marlena spieler would be proud. lovely marlena and alan graced us wednesday night with their presence, various fresh herbs and vegetables, and a fabulous dinner. we were thrilled when we were treated to a repeat performance again last night, and david and blake came to round out the rowdy crowd.

i can’t even begin to recount the menus, but the ingredients included chickpeas, rocket (say that with a british accent), zucchini and eggplant, tomatoes and garlic and pasta and cream, dainty pink turnips, frilly dill and chervil, pomegranates and persimmons with baby lettuces, flat-leaf parsely (my secret unsung love), potatoes and cumin, cumin, cumin, garlic, goat and sheep and cow’s cheeses including boursin, drunken goat, cave-aged gruyere, a wonderfully mild feta (bulgarian?), wines and sparkling waters, cumin and garlic, broken bread, friends and stories, newfound and old, and and and and and …

top it off in the morning with peets coffee and croissants from citizen cake, and we’re feeling on top of the world, special, lucky, warm and well-fed.

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