today was the third day again with the special ginseng body lotion from earth science. i had put it aside during the ‘rash period’, and now had three days of test lotion left before it was all gone. this was my control group, after the rash previously had faded, as to whether or not it was related.
leanne and i spent the second mild springtime-like day today walking around the city. saw ‘a beautiful mind’ today which together with ‘proof’ of a few months back rounds out the sympathetic crazy portrait. it also was a nice complement to the fear of flying resurfacing as i’ve been asked to – offered to – go to germany in april… and already every day it is with me.
it was also funny last night while eating tapas at fina estampa because it was way too crowded at the AMC for the movie last night – i saw a little incan or some sort of plaque that looked like a talisman and had some letters on it that looked like operuo – i decided it was a talisman and i’d ask what it meant, and if it meant something fortuitous, i’d be good to go for flying; if it did not, it was a jinx … and i asked and of course, i had misunderstood the whole thing from the start… it was just “peru” — it was a peruvian restaurant… the rest of the ‘lettering’ was clutter… just like my mind.
so what do you know: it seems like i have a little itchy rash after all.

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