My Favorite Mondegreens

Could this be My Candelabra? (thanks a75 and Creative Commons)

You're My Candelabra (via a75 and creative commons)

I know… They’re silly. But whenever I’m feeling like I need a little laugh — and sitting around waiting for the pending California Supreme Court decision qualifies as “needing a laugh” — SILLY IS GOOD.

The types of things that never fail to come my rescue in the service of silliness include:

Yes @brookish – who kicked-into-serious-search-and-rescue my recent mondegreenial obsession – with My Candelabra. Ergo I bring you without further delay — My Favorite Mondegreens — to the rescue!

That’s just a few.  For starters.  Of course — there are as many mondegreens in the world as there are funky sets of ears not dissimilar to ours, to try to interpret whatever the HECK anybody EVER says.  Isn’t it amazing that communication ever happens — and it does!

Thank you Brooke. I needed that — and I’ll need it again!

PS: Who knows how to properly embed clips in the hosted WordPress version?  Please let me know! Thanks!

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Mondegreens

  1. Oh my GOD, I still tell the “Big Ol’ Jen in the Lighthouse” story! (I will hug Janice if I ever meet her — best story ever).. it’s a magic moment, catching someone gleefully misinterpreting something. I know this is, like, the ORIGINAL Mondegreen, but c’mon, it’s genious: “Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear!”


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