Hope alone

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I was in the NCLR overflow room helping to Twitter about the oral argument challenging Prop 8 on Thursday. I have some thoughts about online vs. offline activism and the socialization of the court that are far from fully developed and I’ll save for later, but first I wanted to do my little part to spread my current delusion.

My friends, champions who have been working around the clock for marriage rights for all, are tired and disappointed that the situation does not look good for actually overturning Proposition 8. I know that’s the general consensus. I was thrown into a dark place when I had to step around “Yes on 8” people when I took my daughter to school. That was a bad day, and I know hate features much more than hope in the word-cloud surrounding the event. And thanks to cawins for Flickring the picture on this post and to Dianna for blogging more of the reality of these truly disturbing images.

But I am hopeful …? I must be delusional, naive, and sick.

Probably all that, and this: Because Tony Wilson said this to me on my way to the oral argument Thursday morning:

@moyalynne Saw the marches this morning and it makes me proud to know you. You’re making the future better for our sons & daughters. GO!!

Because Kate Kendell said this:

My kids understand, sometimes even better than I do, what’s real in life and what really matters. We have to reflect that hope back to them, and the belief in what is ultimately possible.

And because I only know these wonderful people and so many more because of this fight — in the first place.

Today I choose hope over hatred or hurt exactly because this choice matters — words matter — and you don’t need to be on one side or another to know that. I will probably need you to remind me of this tomorrow or the next day and maybe the next and particularly on that day sometime within 88 days from now, when the court rules. But not today — today I feel the tiny pinprick to my heart, the very tip of the long tail, wagging the dog.

And because in the end, I was there at the doors of the Supreme Court that day last year on which they decided that words *do* matter, and for a few (all-too-short) months, everybody knew exactly what that meant. Let me fight for my life when I start to forget this again. And I will forget – but at this moment I think that if I look, you will be there for me.

PS: To support hope, consider a gift: http://bit.ly/SupportNCLR

3 thoughts on “Hope alone

  1. Hi Moya,

    I was watching the CA Supreme Court hearing with the crowd in Civic Center, doing my best to go toe-to-to with the radical religious groups that were bussed in from Sacramento for the occasion.

    I had to review some of the hearing afterwards, as there was too much distraction from the ugliness of the prop 8 supporters to be able to follow everything in real time. After reviewing the hearing, I have to admit I’m very disheartened for the potential ruling from the Supremes.

    Despite my disheartened state, I remain optimistic. We have some very dedicated people on our side. The opposing side has only hate and/or ignorance. It will take lots of hard work, and I know people, like you, who worked long and hard on the prop 8 campaign no doubt feel worn out. I hope you’ll feel reenergized as new recruits join the movement.

    In the end, that’s my biggest reason for optimism. We’re rebuilding a movement. Harvey Milk was right. This isn’t about a candidate. This isn’t about a single initiative. This is about a movement. Going forward, we need to focus on how to harness the power of this growing re-energized movement.

    Post prop 8, there’s been too much finger pointing. That’s gradually subsiding. But now I see a fragmented movement with multiple groups getting signatures (for what?) and soliciting donations (for what?). The movement needs to support independent groups, but we need to be working toward a common, clearly articulated goal.

    First step: Lets work on energizing the base. I was one of those apathetic people who only woke up shortly before the November election. Living in the Castro, I still see lots of apathy within the community. In the coming days/weeks, I’ll be looking for how to become better connected and see what I can do to help move things forward.

    Another reason I find optimism in all this is that I found the Feb 26th Town Hall very useful. It was instructive to me on several levels. I’m very encouraged by how Kate Kendell conducted herself in that meeting. It has done a lot to restore my confidence in NCLR. EQCA? Well, I’m still not sure. But it was also useful to see where some of the anger in the community still resides. Part of energizing the base has to be continued conversation with everyone who feels passionately about equality. Ongoing conversation will help redirect their energy toward positive efforts working for our common good.

    Keep the faith. We’re in this together.

    Jay O’Conor
    Twitter: @joconor

  2. Thank you for such a lovely post. Thank you for standing up in California. Thank you for the twitters for those of us so far away. I suppose, just Thank you.

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