How to NOT advertise against yourself

Thanks to @qrty for this blog post today:

Masterminds Behind ‘Yes on 8’ Reveal How They Did It

I’ve spoken before of some of the tactics used online in campaign to pass Proposition 8, but at the moment I want to call out this one, as underscored from the Yes campaign in the above blog, and more specifically how to protect yourself against it:

A Google surge. You may remember that even gay websites running Google Ads were running ‘Yes on 8’ ads in the final days of the campaign. That’s the power of internet advertising dollars at work.

“As the campaign headed into the final days, we launched a ‘Google surge.’ We spent more than a half-million dollars to place ads on every single website that had advertising controlled by Google. Whenever anyone in California went online, they saw one of our ads in the final two days of the election.”

I was alerted to this tactic by the No On Prop 8 online community itself, during the last few days of the campaign.¬† Gay and straight people alike called out with concern about what was happening on their blogs. Many wrote to tell me how to defeat it, and I’m thankful that, because I was able to pass it along.

Here it is, courtesy of @calipidder — please spread it to anyone who has an AdSense account they’re concerned about now or in the future:

In your Google AdSense account, go to AdSense Setup -> Competitive Ad Filter. You can block ads from specific URLs or destinations.

In this case, the Yes ads came from “” – so that’s what you would enter in your filter list if you wanted to not serve ads from them.

Says @calipidder:

The only thing sitting in my Filter list is I was so angry to see that on my site I took down the ads until after the election, PLUS I blocked it here just in case they kept running them.

Amen. And thanks again, Rebecca.

2 thoughts on “How to NOT advertise against yourself

  1. the same tactics are at play today in the Maine Question 1 race. the domain this year (though it’s basically the same folks working against us) is “” —

    so, from my great blogger friends, here’s step-by-stephow to filter out the google ads:

    1. Go to you Google Ad Sense account
    2. Click on Adsense Set Up tab.
    3. Underneath this, are smaller tabs. Click on Competitive Ad Filter
    4. Scroll down and you’ll see a box in which you can enter URLs of
    sites/services whose ads you want to block. DO NOT enter “http://”.
    Simply type end (and add while you’re at it)
    5. CLICK SAVE!!!

    SF Appeal is reporting that Six Apart Media is also involved in some kind of ad buy — — and if I get any more info about how to specifically filter with Six Apart, I’ll post it along here.


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