“something in the mother’s milk”

“something in the mother’s milk”

leanne said:

i don’t like the “it’s what the mother ate” theory since newborns have really immature digestive systems and, for us anyways, it doesn’t seem like moya’s diet or any of the remedies helped beyond a placebo effect on us (“she seems better now”). and there are plenty of things to blame on mom!

i’m not convinced cutting things out of moya’s diet does/did anything except add another thing for me and moya to track/manage — moya’s on a no-wheat diet right now anyways to see if there’s any change in lucy or moya

we gave lucy gripewater, cocyntal, mylicon drops and i thought that lucy had painful gas no matter what remedy we gave her and no matter what moya ate — bland diet or not.

it’s always the good yummy stuff that some babies are sensitive to — wheat, dairy, garlic, onions, chocolate, citrus! not like anyone says “don’t eat the hormone and antibiotic infused beef from a cow that ate pesticide sprayed corn”

now with lucy at 7 weeks still gassy — she’s less freaked out about it, she doesn’t cry/scream everytime she has gas — and this morning she was working out some big noisy farts that probably woke the neighbors. she was grunting and squealing a bit through it all for a couple hours but she wasn’t crying.

for lucy – the pacifier helps her stop crying sometimes and that stops gas production since crying (specifically the air intake with breathing) can cause gas.

and everyone’s different! we visited a friend this weekend who said she just always helped her son deal with the gas and didn’t bother with her diet or remedies.

one thing that does seem to help sometimes is to warm a blanket or cloth diaper in the microwave for 1 minute and put it on lucy’s belly — helped her, at least, feel better until the blanket cooled.

at night not every night but again last night, i wake up for feedings totally bathed in sweat – and during the feedings i have to keep a liter-full of water by the rocker, and i consume this or more at night and replenish it during the day. then, by the time i go back to bed, my clothes are wet and i lie down and am completely freezing and start shivering uncontrollably! less sympathetic friends say “oh i hope you’re not starting menopause on top of it all!”

i was at our dermatologist’s office today sitting while leanne had an appointment and while i fed lucy and felt water leaching from my skin and body, i noticed a handout that extolled the newly-FDA-approved virtues of BOTOX for sweating.

lucy is a fussy baby now. she is crying most of the day today.

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