I Go to the Hills

We Found Maria!

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So we climb to the peak of 2008, turn around and look down, but also gaze ahead. I’m eager to be done with 2008 and on with 2009, but 2008 was not all bad.

Things I liked:

  • Getting married
  • Working on @NoOnProp8
  • Snow just off of Highway 280
  • Sing-a-Long Sound of Music
  • Listening to random music
  • May in the California Supreme Court
  • Rescuing the Bumblebee Queen
  • Meeting friends – new and old (well, “long-time”)
  • Being part of an exciting and disruptive project at work
  • The California Academy of Sciences
  • Sazerac
  • Surprise chocolates
  • The Public Library
  • Seattle
  • Twitter and Facebook doing the tango
  • Hope, in general
  • Obama
  • All my family
  • LUCY and LEANNE. Turn the world around.

Things I could have done without:

  • My brother’s bout with chemical warfare
  • Proposition 8
  • Insomnia
  • Going to work instead of toward the snow
  • Cancer in general
  • Being part of an exciting and disruptive project at work
  • Proposition 8
  • Iritis (whatever the HECK that is)
  • Proposition 8
  • Fighting of any kind
  • The disappearance of money
  • Proposition 8

Looks like things are generally good, in the balance.  All things in perspective; I look forward to that in 2009. Many mountains to climb ahead. I promise to work my hardest, help, and hope.

With love to all and good hiking boots,