President Obama Defends Justice by Rejecting DOMA (via NCLR Blog: Out for Justice)

Saying that this is a courageous act that “will change forever the way that the nation views our community’s struggle for equality,” NCLR Legal Director Shannon Minter blogged yesterday about the Obama administration’s decision to not defend DOMA’s Section 3. Minter minces no words about how important this moment is and anticipates this move will have ramifications in all areas of our lives.

Today in a conference call, Minter explained that although Congress can, if it wants to, intervene as a defender of DOMA, he was not concerned about that possibility. Apparently the prior official congressional record is full of appalling statements disapproving of “immoral and sinful” gay people. Congress can go ahead and try to litigate for DOMA on the basis of gay people being wrong, but when at last it is clear that this is the sole remaining — and discriminatory — leg such defense stands upon, we head towards the full light of day at last on this road to equality.

By Shannon Minter, Esq. National Center for Lesbian Rights Legal Director (San Francisco, CA, February 23, 2011)—Today brings momentous news from President Barack Obama and the federal Department of Justice about the discriminatory and offensive so-called “Defense of Marriage Act,” or DOMA. This morning, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that, at the urging of the President, as well as based upon Mr. Holder’s own assessment, the Department o … Read More

via NCLR Blog: Out for Justice

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