This Morning’s City Safari

Here’s a scene from this morning’s walk through Pacific Heights to our girl’s summer camp.  Ahh, I love a lovely morning walk in the San Francisco fog at the top of the city.  My daughter is a budding cinematographer, and when we encountered this wildlife, I was glad she had insisted on bringing the Flip video camera.

“It’s not a rat,” I say authoritatively, although I really have no idea.  My daughter thinks it’s cute and is disappointed that I ignore her when she insists the rat likes her.  Sorry honey.  But what IS this?

3 thoughts on “This Morning’s City Safari

  1. Clearly it looks lost. Any chance you guys had a map you could spare? ;)
    I was once semi stranded in NYC late at night/ early am. There were some interesting creatures that came out of the woodwork once the city wasn’t loud with insane amounts of traffic. I wish I’d had a flip cam back then.

  2. word on the street — well, on Facebook — seems to have converged around the idea that it’s a Vole. Rats were favored first — specifically a new inter-breed of hamster/rat — a sort of Ratster, as it were — but at the moment, the Vole camp seems to be winning…

  3. I’ll go with vole given that it seems… chubbier… than I’d think a rat would be.

    I agree with Lucy; it’s cute, whatever it is.

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