Happy Birthday Harvey Milk! Love, Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy

Just posted over at our school’s newly relaunched Web site:

Eight Days Till Harvey Milk Day! How YOU Can Get Involved

We’re [Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy] very pleased to be a big part of the celebration of the first-ever official Harvey Milk Day. Saturday, May 22 would have been Harvey’s 80th birthday, and all over the state of California there will be celebrations commemorating Harvey and his legacy. We’re happy to be in the middle of those celebrations, both physically and in accordance with our mission of diversity.

Join us at the school starting at 8am on Saturday, May 22 for our special Hotcakes for Harvey, followed by a teach-in all about Harvey, a carnival and street fair, mural dedication, picnic dinner, and special screening of the movie “Life and Times of Harvey Milk.”

Check the schedule at http://www.MilkDay.org for events at our school and throughout the Castro that day. Many of the events will benefit our school, and we greatly need and appreciate the support.

Lastly, we invite you to watch the gorgeous brand new video below from our community to Harvey Milk. We’re so proud of our community, and especially our kids! Thank you all and thank you Harvey Milk!

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