Another View from the Cloud

I just published a white paper on the cloud on the community network over at where I work, software giant SAP. Written together with colleagues Michael Klimentiev and Frank Stienhans, it provides a broad overview of current cloud-enablement topics in the enterprise.

Among all the hype about cloud computing, why should you read this paper above all the others? Because it’s readable and interesting — if I may say so myself!

In this paper we take you through a broad market overview, discuss challenges and market drivers, and examine some of the technical and educational barriers to overcome when tackling cloud enablement in the enterprise.

Doesn’t sound readable to you?

For bonus points, we cite external sources from current thought leaders including a few of my personal favorites Jonathan Zittrain, Tim O’Reilly, and, of course, SAP’s own visionary Vishal Sikka.

If that still doesn’t grab you, cloud-related grammar connoisseurs among you will no doubt notice my stubborn insistence on the term “on-premises” in the paper instead of the apparent standard “on-premise,” based on the actual grammatical differences between the words “premise” and “premises.”

Check it out and then let me know if you don’t agree that probing cloud concerns in the enterprise can be readable and fun!  Thanks!

Cloud-Enabling the Enterprise

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