Ships and Service in the Great White North

Yes, friends, there is still ice – and cell service – in the great white north. Having nothing with which to previously compare it, I’m not sure if it’s a whole lot, but we did sail by a real-live glacier or two on a ten-day cruise up in the northerly direction recently. I still feel a little wiggly and think I’m not done getting my land-legs back.

For better or worse, we spanned a large amount of water to get to Alaska and whatever ice it has left (at least in its southern Canada-like tail) in a giant ship. And that water was, we were to learn, often rougher than ever.

Once we surmounted that outside passage, we happily turned to the inside and followed the falsely named Lynn Canal, tracing the passages (and apparently sailing over some carcasses) of the old ships of would-be goldseekers. The farthest we pushed north was Skagway, AK.

Since the gold is long gone, I don’t believe any of these towns would exist anymore were it not for the visits of seven cruise ships a day throughout half the year, though we were interested to note that in all of our ports of call, cell service was excellent. Tracy Arm Fjord aside.

I’ll never forget that icy canyon, freezing at 6am, not getting so close to receding glaciers, seeing the four tiny white dots of goats clinging to the canyon walls, all the while lumbering away in a giant cruise ship that somehow seemed false. I almost hope we stole away before anybody noticed, but the receding glaciers probably know.

Another fine example of service in the great white north – Alaska blogging. Check out this one for just one fine example:

The views are often achingly gorgeous. I definitely want to go further next time.

Often, though, one of the best things about going away –

is coming home.

ps: But did I mention Canada? We had a lovely stay in Victoria. Canada feels like home.

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