to sleep, perchance

thursday night december 2, after my second day back at work, we started feeding you at eight-thirty pm for your evening meal, and you drifted easily to sleep – as you do these days – at nine.

you had been reliably waking between 3:30 and 4:30 for an early feeding.  my alarm was set to go off at six-thirty.  i checked the clock at five-thirty — you were still sleeping!  since i had gotten to sleep by ten at the latest that night, tired from working again, i got at least seven hours of sleep!  solid!  i didn’t really sleep after five-thirty; got up at six-fifteen and you were still sleeping.  showered and made breakfast, and heard you stirring at 6:45!

so my friday morning began with enough sleep for the first time in eons!  at 6:45 you were starving, your diaper and pajamas were a mess of a diaper with pee and poo that had leaked through, i had to give you a bath, and feed you for nearly an hour, but that was  amazing that you slept for ten hours and went without eating that long!

but now i’m tired again after staying up ‘late’ (11p) for jane siberry and getting up at night…

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