wanda has figured out the rolly toy!

wanda has figured out the rolly toy!

we’re moving on sunday, we’re surrounded by boxes, they’re digging next to OTIVO, spike’s namesake has a new baby, and our own girl is stepping into the third trimester. so it’s been a bit busy, but the big excitement for me this morning was watching wanda work the rolly toy.

the rolly toy has treats inside it. there is one hole big enough for a treat to roll out when the rolly toy is rolled. we have been issuing soothing sounds towards wanda to try to counter the effects of endless vacuuming, and keeping the rolly toy stocked with treats. but we have had to roll it manually so that she’d get the hang of self-gratification, till finally today she has cracked the rolly toy! it was a joy to watch, and it must have been exciting for her too, because now she’s back under the bed, apparently exhausted.

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