dr grissom in the new year

dr grissom in the new year

it’s been a long time since i revisited my breasts, but they and i went to go see dr grissom today for another checkup. it’s been nearly a year now since my biopsy, and dr grissom gave me a breast exam and gave my scars another once-over.

the lateral scar has been fading – it’s healed pretty nicely and i imagine more so within the last couple of months. the medial scar is simply a keloid. i’d been using this ‘scar away’ or ‘scar be gone’ or whatever stuff on it since my last visit with dr grissom on her advice, and actually, now it’s sort of two clear keloids or bumps, surrounded by red tissue.

she said she could send me off to plastic surgery and they could pop the keloids out and sew it back up again, but on the other hand, i might just have a tendency to keloid and in that case would just keloid right up again after said surgery.

so we are waiting a little longer to see. i have a follow-up visit— in awhile.

i must say that she has a very well-run office; even when the waiting room has been full, i have never had to wait more than a minute or so to be seen there. and i do appreciate these follow-up appointments – just makes me feel like i’m taken care of, on track…

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