mighty spike

mighty spike

it seems like spike is adapting to the alien growing inside of him – or maybe the alien is calming down a bit. at any rate, last night, i caught him swishing furiously through the catnip, and later he attacked both leanne and me, which we took as a tremendous sign! he was even cleaning himself at one point. and the sun is out intermittently today, so perhaps he is able to take in some fresh air and sunshine.

so it seems we have ourselves a little respite of false security. though in reality, he can’t close his mouth because of the size (and general discomfort) of the tumor (and looks a little looney with his toungue lolling out), he keeps drooling blood, and we keep seeing this large nasty tumor when we go to stuff pills and pain liquids down his mouth. he is clearly uncomfortable, but he is super spike, and seems almost to be adapting.

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