my car and i have seen too much, these days. the poor thing was just sitting at the pump, and i had just swiped my card, when a very large ryder truck didn’t clear quite fully around my right front bumper. there was a large crunch, and a steady escape of air from the outside left rear tire of the giant truck as it sat mangled together with my bumper.

i think this is the second bumper mangling and potential new bumper this year for my car, and although it couldn’t have come at a worse time, with work too busy to eat, stretch, or sleep properly, i have some vague hope that the insurance and repair process will work servicably and without too much additional damage.

ironically, i think the new screw is, at least, still in place, though that turn indicator seems much lower and more twisted than it should be. let’s see how it drives to work later today…

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