more dr grissom

more dr grissom

dr grissom gave my keloids a onceover today, and gave me some stuff to use called “scarless”. i’m going to try this stuff for six months, then i go back to see her. if there are still red lumps, she said she’d just excise them right in the office.

i asked her if these caused any other problems – like problems with mammograms – and she said no. she said the scar probably iches, which i confirmed! at any rate, the lateral incision is healing nicely, and this medial one won’t look like this forever, it seems.

the wierd thing for me was this: i sat in the waiting room, more crowded than i had ever seen it, and while i gazed around at the collection of blue-hued paintings i had not noticed before, i heard her voice coming from the office, her calm southern-kind-of drawl talking with another patient, and the voice carried a strange sort of flashback appeal. i must have heard this voice throughout the biopsy, while under anesthesia. when i was in her exam room on the table today and she was standing to my left, i once again tried to remember more from my surgery, during which i must on some level have been conscious of her voice and everyone who stood around. i can’t remember a thing, of course, or as far as i know… but that was an odd, hazy, grey dusty flashback… it’s really got me curious – this remembering, not remembering …

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