alien spacecraft stole the moon!

alien spacecraft stole the moon!

last night, we took our dinner up onto the roof and trained a telescope upon the total dwarfing of the moon by the earth’s shadow. just when i was watching the rim of the moon grow bright while escaping the ghastly pall of the earth’s reflection, i saw an alien spacecraft scream over the face of the smudged moon! i looked up from the telescope but all i saw was a plane continuing in the path where the spaceship would have been.

we stayed awhile longer on the roof, met a neighbor, ate dinner. the moon continued to morph and color with its efforts to escape the shadow. it grew brighter as it reclaimed its way. jupiter, tiny big jupiter, bright by comparison, was gorgeous, as always, miles ahead of the moon in the sky.

i was cold; leanne brought down the dinner plate and i brought the telescope inside. i washed my numb fingers under warm water. we went on to dream, separately. i dreamt of the end of the world and planes slowly sinking into the ocean. leanne dreamt that i flew, by myself! i guess you could say things balanced out, in the end …

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