a stunning parade of bills for my biopsy has been arriving, and i’m not entirely sure when it will end. i’m lucky to have insurance. with over ten thousand dollars billed already to insurance, and most of it covered save for a few hundred dollars, i don’t know what i would have done had i been one of the many many many poor without insurance. here’s a sampling of my halfday of services:

  682.00 -- radiologist, including localization surgery 
                and mammography
  560.00 -- anesthetist
7,663.45 -- hospital, over a thousand of which is for 
                drugs alone
2,100.00 -- surgeon
  734.00 -- pathologist

since it turns out my old car costs $500 for its old-car tuneup today (always worth it to visit the good folks at pat’s garage), it’s a lucky thing there is 10K less that i have to owe.

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