thanks to leanne for that great write-up of friday’s activities…

abbe and eve just stopped by with what looks like delicous vegetable soup. everything’s been going pretty smoothly, and i’ve been feeling pretty well (though sleeping in large chunks). today, there was a momentary set-back when i showered for the first time and got to remove the outer gauze, thus exposing the actual wounds. kind of brought it all home. they aren’t terribly bad cuts, and the bruising is not all that bad either, and eve showed us how her breast is totally perfect now – you couldn’t even tell there was any scar anywhere – so it’s all in pretty good shape. nevertheless… i guess i got to be in denial that anything happened till i saw the cuts.

we’ve posted some pictures of the whole thing — mostly of the needle localization process. please don’t look if you are at all squeamish! if you aren’t, and want to know about the process, check it out.

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