suggestions for the weekend (thank you, abbe!)

suggestions for the weekend (thank you, abbe!)

  • buy crushed ice (it molds better to shape of breast for icing painful spots) and ziplock bags
  • wear a loose button-up shirt on friday — easier to put on after surgery
  • sometimes the nurses/doctors/etc will give information about “most patients” which might not apply for women with large breasts so ask if there are things to keep in mind for large breasts (such as stitches stretching from weight)
  • nurses/doctors might urge you to leave earlier than you feel ready, but you don’t have to leave if feeling dizzy or nauseous from the anesthesia — suggest … sticking around in the hospital bed til you feel well enough to walk up all those stairs to get home
  • take the wheelchair!” says abbe
  • if incision is under breast and weight of breast makes it ache, it might help to hold arm folded under breast to support it
  • might have bruises from the surgery — could ask if might be bruising
  • and notes for leanne … … respect, suggest, don’t tell or demand, and procure chocolates and cheese. yum.

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