well my bags are packed and i’m ready to go

i took the valium at midnight so it should be peaking right now. i’m afraid it’s not working. the enormous bags are packed and sitting on the floor here in the office. we fly today. i was going to start at noon with one valium so it would peak when the plane takes off at fourthirty. i’m trying not to worry and i’m trying to sleep.

the cats are racing around – quite nervous. wanda barreled up to the top of the cat tower and, in an entirely new exhibition, is clawing at the window. outside, i don’t see stars, so it must be foggy. at least the old san francisco fog feels like an good friend, come to say, twelve hours away, it’s ok.

whoops; just went to the window and the faint summer stars confirmed i was wrong. ok… but it seems the wind has died down… ok?

aww; there’s the first morning birdsong. that’s nice. that one’s true. that bird is my friend, sent specifically to me, i’m sure, to be singing that flying really can be quite fun.

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