the beauty of hindsight

things were going allright until then. it had been a beautiful day in san francisco; the kind where you experience both uncanny clarity and baffling mistyness, all in the span of a day. then it ended in the emergency room, and our relationship also suffered.

<understandably — only since i am writing this with the hindsight of seven years (today in 2008 is the day i’m moving all these ancient relics over).  ahh, the glorious righteousness of hindsight…  ahh.>

her grandma was visiting this weekend and fell on hayes street at laguna. we were on our way to dinner; she was going to take us out, and we were taking her to the symphony. she fell straight over, and broke her fall by breaking her wrist and smashing her face against the pavement. leanne has been every emotion since then, and i asked her how she felt at dinner tonight and i listened to her.

at home, the washing machine was broken with our clothes soaking inside. leanne yelled from the other room ‘just start the spin cycle over.’ more and more frustrated that she wasn’t paying attention to what i was saying, i asked her to come out if she wanted to try to help and look at it and listen to me in actuality instead of just calling annoyed from the other room.

<and then it was a tumult. and another thing about the beauty of hindsight: the delete key!>

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