Play this one Really Loud

As a counterpoint to my recent swoon over Bon Iver, I offer M83.  I’ve got their 2008 “can’t-get-it-out-of-my-head” release Saturdays = Youth currently on ‘autoplay’ — but if you’re in the mood for an 80’s-like electronic wall-of-noise akin to a double-shot of Blue Bottle, you need look no further than to the song Teen Angst from 2005:

ps: thanks to Jen Robinson for today’s much-needed game of “have you ever heard of this band?” and for The Books, for starters… much more where you’re coming from, I can tell!

Did I mention Bon Iver?

We were driving down Olive street in Seattle a couple weeks ago listening to the excellent KEXP. DJ Cheryl Waters had just kicked off what was to be a great set with a sleepy kind of guitar-refrain-and -falsetto-voice song. It captured my attention; no need to do the “stay in the car till they read the track list” thing (though we did) because the station has a great playlist interface.

Bon Iver is the artist; “Re: Stacks” was the song in the set. I bought the album post-haste. While I was working at home the other day spinning this album, the song above, “The Wolves (Act I & II)” just sort of snuck up on me and now is my current obsession. It builds quite amazingly and I love the sparks / pounding / fireworks / chainsaw or whatever that towards at the end.

The backstory, also covered nicely here, is utterly captivating. Made me feel like I was right there by the campfire, decked in a blanket of raw emotion.